We are looking for a few amazing volunteers to dress as Happy Bear for our Child Safety Program in schools!

If you are interested, check out the following link for  contact information: https://www.allforgood.org/projects/zQGAgYJ7

**We do accept volunteers 15 years-17 years old, however a volunteer parental/guardian permission form for minors must be signed each time and minor volunteers. Minor volunteers will be asked to provide this signed form prior to volunteering.** The form can be found here: volunteer-parental-guardian-permission-form-for-minors-2a

The volunteer/s would have to be:

• able bodied and willing to withstand a little heat inside the costume
• They would need to speak English as the curriculum has prompts
• able to volunteer in the mornings on certain weekdays
• have a squeaky, clean criminal background and like children

The program:
• 20-25minutes long per class
• scheduled first thing in the day if at all possible
• can be up to 5 classes with water breaks (and air breaks) in between.
• requires no speaking
• is very rewarding
• is FUN!
• is scheduled weeks ahead so that there is notice

Happy Bear