Training for teachers and child serving organizations

About Mandatory Reporting Training:

The Texas Family Code (TFC) Chapter 261, Texas Education Code (TEC) §38.004 and §38.0041, and Texas Administration Code (TAC) §61.1051 govern mandatory child abuse and neglect reporting, policy development, required child abuse anti-victimization programs, and related professional development provisions for schools.

The education system plays an important role in reporting suspected abuse and neglect of Texas’ children. School personnel represent the largest professional resource for reporting suspected child abuse and neglect in Texas. The Advocacy Center provides training to schools and those serving children on 1) how to identify signs of suspected abuse or neglect; 2) how to properly communicate with students; 3) the processes for reporting, where to report; and 4) what happens after a report is made.

This training takes approximately 1 hour and we come to you!

If you are interested in information or bringing Mandatory Reporting Training or a Child Safety Program for ages 3 yrs-13 yrs to your school or organization at no cost ,please email Candy Hattingh at or call her at 409-741-6000.